For Learners

At no charge Mdadi helps you find an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) operating in your area and links you to the ADI's own website. Mdadi is an Internet service and takes no booking fees.

For Instructors

Mdadi is open to all ADIs (we require your ADI number provided by Driving Standards Agency) whether part of a franchise or independent.


You're welcome to register and enter your details. We even show you how to upgrade your existing site to automatically keep us informed whenever you change any information.

For an annual fee (currently £60 inc VAT)

You get:

  • Mobile/tablet/PC friendly website that you control
  • a 5 page website featuring details for you, your car, rates, articles, facebook link and the postcode areas that you operate in (All automatically publicly broadcast and synchronized with our system)
  • freedom to add to your website using the built in facilities of Joomla
  • Your own domain name (eg
  • Joomla content management system
  • no tie-ins give you freedom to upload/download (eg CalDAV, iCal, vcard, XML, RSS...: we've got it) your data to integrate with other system that you use
  • the Mdadi component for Joomla (this is our "clever" bit that automatically keeps us and any other search engines informed. For the technically minded it uses RSS)
  • public searchable listing in My Directory of ADIs
  • Web Hosting
  • Coming soon: the Android app...